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Connect with Your Fellow Riders

One of the best things about riding a bike is the chance to connect with your fellow riders. You might think you need to be an expert rider to join a group, but the truth is that opportunities for groups exist for riders of all skill levels and with a wide variety of interests. Whether you’ve just bought your first bike since you were a kid or you’re so hardcore that you ride the Hotter’N’Hell Hundred every year, there’s a bicycle organization out there for you!

Some groups are focused on specific aspects of cycling, like racing or riding on a particular type of terrain. Others are focused on biking-related concerns like parking. However, there are also bicycle advocacy organizations that encourage things like better bike accessibility on the streets. There are even groups that put their riding to use in the service of local and international non-profit organizations.

Whatever your reasons for riding are, there’s a good chance you’ll find a bicycle organization that shares your interests. We’ve included links to a few of our favorites here. If you know of an organization we missed, let us know about it. If you can’t find a group that offers what you want, start one, and then tell us about it!

Community Stuff We Like

Here are some links to a few Denton bicycle community resources and organizations we like:

Bike Denton: A group dedicated to getting more people on bikes and connecting city politicians, city staff, citizens, and local businesses in ways that advance cycling and pedestrian activity and accommodation in Denton.

Bike Walk Denton  The official website of the City of Denton’s Cycling and Pedestrian Department.

Denton Bicycle Coalition  Denton Bicycle Coalition, a local cycling advocacy group’s public Facebook group page. Join up to keep tabs and learn what you can do to improve cycling in our community.

Denton Bike Parking Map  A lovely bike parking map provided thanks to our good friends at Denton Bicycle Coalition.

UNT Cycling Facebook Group: A great online community of University of North Texas students to gather and ride.

People For Bikes  A global non-profit designed to improve access and safety for cyclists everywhere in order to improve communities everywhere.

Corinth Cycling   A large cycling club and race team based in the Corinth and Denton area. They have weekly group road rides for varying skill and experience levels.

Spinistry  DFW-based gravel and mixed-surface organized ride event promoter. Most of their rides are on gravel and many of them are in the Denton County area.

Pedal Against PTSD  A very worthwhile non-profit organization founded in DFW that aims to help veterans and active military overcome PTSD through cycling.

DORBA  Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association. A DFW area off-road cycling organization that sponsors and maintains multiple off road cycling trails in the area. Check here to see which MTB trails are open.

TXBRA  Texas Bicycle Racing Association. This is the site to go for info on bicycle races and events throughout the state.